up his boots in eight one, the football team work as coach, and train a number of good goalkeeper: Wang Zhenjie, pay Lilai, cheap china jerseys,et Jiangjin, Li Jian, Li Leilei. Later, as the eight one teams of the football team and group leadership, by Zhu Yixian and other old coach's great support. Life encounter

  On 1992, it is in the rich and win support energetically below, marking the football reform " Zunyi conference" -- red pass will be held smoothly, cheap nfl jerseys,he volunteered for the Chinese football development makes contribution.

  The summer of 2007, Fu Sheng unfortunate injuries, in the winter, only 54 years old, Fu Sheng die young, it is to be regretted.

  Rich victory left, the old coach, Zhang Junxiu Nianweisi on him praise,!